A Short Guide for New Craft Beer Drinkers

If you are new to drinking local craft beer then this short guide is for you. We are not out to get you if you’re a fan of imported or macro-brew suds because there are brewers big and small that do make great beer. When you are drinking a quality beer where the ingredients are pure and straightforward there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Temperature: there are no mountains that change colour to tell you the bottle is cold enough to drink. In fact to actually taste what you are drinking cool is better than cold. Like being outside in negative-twenty weather you’re too busy trying to make sure your face isn’t frozen than to really sense much else.
  2. Meant for drinking: a quality beer isn’t meant to be chugged. You should be able to drink it and actually take in the freshness and the flavours and feel of the beer. Maybe you’re not entirely sure what the flavours are, but the point is that there is flavour and you have a sense of refreshment.
  3. Knowing where it comes from: Drinking a locally made beer means you are supporting your community and appreciating the bounty that the region has to offer. Some would call it pride, it’s important that we offer crisp refreshing beers in varieties that appeal to our diverse community, that’s why we’ve taken the unusual step to initially to offer a Country Pilsner, Country Lager and a Country Ale.  So if you’re drinking a Ramblin’ Road beer or another local brew, the best way to appreciate it is by sharing it.
John Picard sampling beer at the Brewery Farm

John Picard sampling beer
at the Brewery Farm

If you’re adventurous, a new craft beer drinker and have a question or thought on beer and its finest moments? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer them.


3 comments on “A Short Guide for New Craft Beer Drinkers

  1. Brad on said:

    Recognizing what is local, and what small breweries go through to be able to offer delicious beer is so important.
    At home or when we go out, we never order anything from the big breweries. Not because their product is not good, but simply because we believe in supporting local. But we find that a lot of small breweries get too caught up in creating too many unusual beers and some push the taste limits.
    We love the Ramblin’ Road Pilsner, it has such a great aroma, and whenever we have friends over, we always serve it to be able to indulge them in something they might not have tried before. Also doesn’t hurt how cool the bottle looks!

    • John on said:

      Couldn’t agree with you more.
      We’re very committed to brewing premium craft beers that are crisp, refreshing and flavourful. With so many possibilities in flavour and hops combinations, I have to believe that a second round should not be a challenge but a desirable pleasure, with a meal and/or with your good friends. Cheers!!
      Thanks for your insight

  2. Patrick McGovern on said:

    My wife and I stayed at a B&B in Norfolk County about a year ago (early summer 2012). As always, I asked if they had a local brew; and was told sorry, there’s no local craft brewery here yet. I’m so glad John Picard had the foresight to fill that gap–and with some really tasty brews, I might add!

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